The Problem with Solar Panels

A large flock of pigeons had been making themselves at home on the roof of a detached house in Guildford, Surrey. They were getting under the solar-panels and using them as a handy rain-shelter in bad weather. The resulting pigeon guano was blocking the gutters, which could have led to water damage to the building. Furthermore, all that guano was falling onto the walkway below. Guano is very slippery when it gets wet, so the residents were at risk of slipping over whenever they left the house.

The Solution

Our bird-proofing team cleared out all the accessible pigeon guano from underneath the solar panels. Afterwards, we installed a mesh system to prevent the pigeons being able to get back under the panels. To finish the job off nicely, we even cleared the guano out of the gutters.

The Result

By excluding feral pigeons from underneath solar panels, this roof was a far less attractive place for them. Therefore, the flock dispersed naturally. As a result, the gutters remained clear and the pathway was no longer a slip-hazard.