Flock dispersal

Flock dispersal
Audio Systems

Audio systems work either by mimicking the target species in distress, giving the impression that one of the flock has been caught by a predator; by mimicking the sound of a predator; or by providing startling, loud noises that scare the target species into flight.

Bio-Acoustic Systems

Manufactured in the UK, these environmentally friendly systems utilise pest birds’ own natural defence mechanism in response to hearing their own distress call. This effective, safe and humane technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. The calls are played back at natural volume and as such are very neighbour friendly. Suitable for most spec.

Sonic Bird-Scarers

Our sonic (audible) bird-scarers represent state of the art electronic bird scaring, are fully weatherproof, and maintenance free. These are fixed systems, playing a range of target species distress calls as well as predator calls to disperse nuisance birds.

Visual Systems

Visual deterrents work either by mimicking a predator, such as a bird of prey, or by providing startling images, flashing light or movement that scare the target species. These are ideal as a supplementary system or for clients wishing to self-help and explore budget options for bird control.

Hawk Kites

The tethered hawk kites launch themselves in the wind and circle, providing a visual deterrent to a variety of pest species.

Decoy Birds of Prey

Life-like replicas of a variety of birds of prey are available.

Deterrent ‘Eye’ Balloons

Ideal for balconies, trees or gardens.

Laser Bird Dispersal Systems

Fixed systems and hand-held systems are available.

Light Reflecting Systems

Utilising reflected light and movement, these systems work by startling the pest species.

Hand-Held Systems to Buy or Hire

These portable systems look like megaphones, and are easy to use. This effective, safe and humane technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. Each unit comes with 9 bird species distress calls as standard. There is a range of over 60 calls available and we can tailor your system with the calls that will best meet your needs.

These are available for purchase or weekly hire.