How we manage nuisance birds

Hawk Flying

Hawk Flying

Our experienced falconers and specially trained birds of prey deter nuisance birds from a range of sites. This is a non-lethal deterrent programme, a natural and effective measure, using a live bird of prey to alter the behaviour patterns of the target species. Unlike other bird-scaring devices, the target species never becomes habituated to the presence of a live hawk or falcon.

Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

The most effective and permanent way to prevent nuisance birds from causing a problem on a building or within an area is to exclude them completely using a proofing solution. We provide a complete range of anti-bird measures as well as solutions manufactured for individual requirements.

Flock dispersal

Flock dispersal

We provide and install a range of bird dispersal systems to the industrial, commercial, business and residential sectors. Our surveyor will recommend the system, or combination of systems, that will best suit your individual requirements. Our range includes audio and visual bird-scaring devices.

Problem Birds


Specialist Cleaning

Feral pigeons are widespread in our cities, towns and countryside. Pigeons are a public health concern and they breed rapidly, which is why effective pigeon control requires an integrated approach.


Specialist Cleaning

All gulls are protected by law. Problems with humans occur when gulls nest on buildings. Our gull proofing and gull deterrent programmes are effective in managing and controlling gulls.


Specialist Cleaning

Geese are usually found in and around water. Goose droppings can cause a slip hazard, and geese can become aggressive during the breeding season. Management and control of problem geese requires professional bird control.


Specialist Cleaning

Many bird species will come into conflict with humans, including parakeets and jackdaws. As specialists in bird control, we understand the problems that nuisance birds, of whatever species, can cause and we know how to solve them.

Where nuisance birds settle

Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings

Lord Nelson wanted to thank our team for keeping Trafalgar Square free of pigeons.

As well as being unsightly, bird guano, is acidic and causes permanent damage to the stonework of buildings. Where birds are breeding, nesting materials can also block gutters and lead to water damage. For heritage buildings in particular, any proofing system must be carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as being effective.

Where proofing systems are inappropriate due to the nature of the building, our falconry services can protect the building from nuisance birds.

Train Stations

Hawk flying in stationMainline train stations, underground stations and train care depots are all vulnerable to infestations of Feral pigeons (Columba livia). Whether the pigeons are nesting on girders or ironwork, on in light fittings, the resulting mess causes a cleaning head-ache. In particular, where there is food available, the pigeons will congregate in those areas; often walking on the tables while people are still eating or pecking around on the ground. Both proofing and hawk flying solutions are available.

Shopping Centres

Wherever people congregate, especially if there are takeaway food outlets, then so will Feral pigeons, gulls, starlings and crows all more than eager to snatch up any food dropped or drag discarded packaging around. Our hawk flying services are ideal for covering the large areas of shopping centres, including any picnic areas, to disperse the nuisance birds. This means that people can eat in peace and they are more likely to stay in the area.

Residential Estates

Nuisance birds on a housing estateSolar panels, balconies and loft-spaces are just some of the areas that nuisance birds such as Feral pigeons or starlings will use as nesting sites on residential estates. This soon leads to large flocks in the area, causing mess and leading to complaints from residents. Blocked gutters lead to water damage, and streaks of guano make the buildings look uncared for. Our comprehensive range of proofing solutions, and our hawk flying services can solve your problems.


Rooftop plantrooms, solar panels and atriums are all attractive areas for nuisance birds offering warmth and shelter for roosting or breeding. Flat roofs might be an ideal site for a colony of gulls to nest, which means that any attempt to maintain the rooftop plant will be met with aggression. Proofing or hawk flying are both solutions and we can recommend which combination will best suit your needs.

Industrial Estates

Warehouses offer shelter for nuisance birds both inside and outside. The resulting mess on machinery, tools and equipment causes health and safety concerns for staff. Damaged stock costs money. If gulls are nesting on flat roofs they can be very aggressive during the breeding season.

Schools and Colleges

Gulls, crows and Feral pigeons in particular can be a problem at schools. They know your timetable and will arrive in time for break or lunch, ready to swoop down on any students in the playground, trying to get at food. For older buildings, pigeons might also be nesting inside loft spaces and newer buildings usually have rooftop plant rooms which offer warmth and shelter. Your A & M Hawk UK bird controller will design a programme to suit your requirements and budget.


HospitalsBirds nesting in plant rooms and around air-conditioning units can compromise the air filtration systems in hospitals. This puts patients and staff at risk. With large sites, multiple buildings, roof-top plant and lots of people coming and going as well as onsite restaurants and takeaways the management of birds at hospitals poses unique challenges. A & M Hawk UK is experienced at working on hospital sites. Hawk flying is ideal for hospitals, s we are able to cover the entire site. Strategic proofing of nesting areas in particular will be cost-effective as part of the management of birds on site.

Holiday Parks

holiday parksLots of people and lots of waste at the end of each week, make holiday parks extremely attractive to nuisance birds. For coastal parks, gulls in particular can be a problem – nesting on roofs and being aggressive during the summer months when they have young around. Starlings and sparrows may seek to nest in any nook or cranny. And pigeons, of course, will congregate anywhere that food and shelter is available. We can provide seasonal hawk flying to deter these nuisance birds, preventing aggression, mess and the health and safety hazards associated with birds nests and guano.

Food Premises

Feral pigeons, starlings and sparrows are all commonly found entering food premises. They may be nesting inside a food warehouse, or possibly just flying in to grab something tasty for lunch before returning to their nests elsewhere. Either way, any droppings are particularly unwelcome, spoiling any food that may be on display. Even packaged or boxed food products sent out with bird guano on the outer packaging will not be good for your reputation. Pigeons will easily get past plastic curtains and even doors that open and close quickly to allow a forklift through are not quick enough to stop a determined bird. With all that delicious food available you will need determined measures such as proofing or hawk flying to deter those hungry birds from your property.

Working with the community

Think Wildlife

Think wildlife logo

As a company of nature lovers, we are committed supporters of the Campaign for the Responsible Rodenticide Use, Think Wildlife. All our operations comply with the CRRU Code promoting best practice and responsible rodent control thereby protecting wildlife from rodenticide exposure.

Cleaner Air for London

We are Electric

For our London based teams we are investing in 100% Electric Vans, giving a smooth and quiet ride for our staff and birds of prey while delivering Zero Emissions for our customers and the communities in which we work.

Community Events

Community Events

Our regular talks and shows enable us to get out and connect with our customers and the community in a more relaxed setting. If you are interested in a visit from some birds of prey, a talk, or even a flying display, contact us and tell us why you would like us appear at your event.

We are a Fully Certified Company


BPCS logoAlthough we specialise in bird control, and we are best known for our falconry services, we are also full servicing members of British Pest Control Association. This means that, as well as being experienced falconers with specialist training in bird control, all of our technicians are also BPCA Registered pest technicians, and carry a BPCA photographic identity card. The BPCA carries out regular audits of our work, and checks that all staff have not only passed BPCA/RSPH qualifications but also keep up to date with legislation and best practice by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year. We follow industry best practice, adhering to all BPCA guidelines, to ensure that all pests, whether that be rodents, insects or birds are controlled quickly, humanely and safely.


NPTA logoWe are members of National Pest Technicians Association. The NPTA checks our insurance details and provides ongoing training for our staff through regional training days. This means that you can be assured that we are up to date and using current best practice.


RSPH logoAll bird and pest control technicians have achieved the Royal Society for Public Health, RSPH Level II Certificate in Pest Control or the RSPH Level II Award in Pest Management. One of our directors is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.

BASIS (Prompt)

BASIS logoAll our technical staff are members of BASIS (Prompt), the Professional Register of Managers and Pest Technicians. Membership requires that all staff complete ongoing training annually and BASIS provides an independent record that the training is completed to a recognised standard.


SafeContractor logoWe have achieved SafeContractor Accreditation which means that all our Health and Safety procedures have been independently assessed.


ConstructionLine logoWe are members of ConstructionLine, which requires references from existing customers as well as checking our insurance details and independently assessing our health and safety procedures.


CSCS logoAll our staff that work on construction sites have received external certification from The Construction Safety Card Scheme, which provides proof of training and competence. For construction sites, it is of the utmost importance that everyone working on site is aware of Health and safety issues. Our staff carry a CSCS card, which means that you know that they have received specific training to enable them to work safely on your site.


IPAF logoAll staff that work at height have achieved independent certification of their training and competence from the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). All staff authorised to drive Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs), or cherry-pickers as they are usually called, carry an IPAF card and current certification.


LANTRA logoAll falconry staff work towards completing a LANTRA Award in Falconry, which is approved by the Hawk Board.

Licensed Waste Carrier

We are an Upper Tier Licensed Waste Carrier, so once we have finished clearing the guano we can transport it to a suitable waste site for you.

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