Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

The most effective and permanent way to prevent nuisance birds from causing a problem on a building or within an area is to exclude them completely using a proofing solution. A & M Hawk UK provides a complete range of anti-bird measures as well as solutions manufactured for individual requirements.

The A & M Hawk UK Guarantee
  • To recommend the most cost effective solution
  • To re-install at our own cost if our bird proofing measures should fail.
Free Survey

We will survey your site free of charge, and talk to the people involved to ensure that we understand your bird problem. We then complete a comprehensive report that outlines the options available to you, and specifies our recommended solution as well as detailing all the costs involved.

Our Service

Our bird proofing systems are recommended, designed and installed by our own bird control specialists. We are committed to providing an effective solution that is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and within budget.

Tailored Solutions

The proofing solution installed may be complex and require several systems to achieve the best possible overall effect. Acting as your trusted partner, our surveyors are free to select any products or systems on the market, from any manufacturer, to achieve the desired effect as well as commissioning bespoke manufactured systems. We select the most suitable systems from the entire range available. All installations are completed by our own fully trained staff utilising the services of specialists where required.

Netting Systems

When installed correctly, netting systems are aesthetically pleasing and effective at preventing the target species from gaining access to the proofed area. Although most netting is black, we can install a variety of options including no-flame, stone-coloured and translucent. It is important to install the correct net for the target species – the wrong net could make your problem worse rather than solve it. Our customers can be re-assured that our experienced surveyors will correctly identify the target species and specify the correct product to solve the problem.

Anti-bird Spikes

Spiking is suitable for gulls and pigeons – but it is important to choose the correct product variation for the target species and the site. These systems are suitable for light and heavy infestation areas and can prevent daytime perching, night-time roosting and some nesting sites. Spikes can protect anything from the narrowest pipe to the widest building ledges. They can also be attached to gutters and to windows.

Our spike systems are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, and are cut flat to prevent injury to the birds. The spikes are fitted to a UV light protected base, ensuring that the installed system will be effective for many years to come.

Anti-Bird Wire Systems

The birdwire system is still one of the most widely used anti-perching systems for pigeons. It is most suitable for low to medium pressure infestations. The system is flexible, being adaptable to most situations, and offers ledge protection at a cost lower than most other systems.

However, if installed incorrectly, or in the wrong situation, highly persistent pigeons may find ways to overcome it. Our experienced site surveyors will recommend this system where it is appropriate, and our fully trained technicians will ensure that it is installed correctly.

The system is also suitable for gulls, but only when specific anti-gull components are used.

The birdwire system can be fitted to ledges, window sills, gutters.

All stainless steel components of our bird wire systems are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Bird Fee Optical Gel (Fire-Gel)

This gel reflects ultra-violet light which is visible to birds, although not to humans. The visual disturbance will deter birds from landing. It is applied to the surface in low profile dishes, and can also be applied on steeply pitched roofs and vertical surfaces. As with all systems, preparation and careful installation is the key to success.


Minimum visibility protection, effective against all species, at all infestation pressures, in almost any location over an extended lifetime… AVISHOCK™ is changing the face of urban bird management in the UK. The AVISHOCK system is suitable for high-value, architecturally sensitive buildings and locations. Architects love AVISHOCK because it is discreet and effective.