Pigeon Control in London

Pigeons are by far the most numerous bird pest species in London today. Pigeon control in London is best achieved by using an integrated approach. Our pigeon control specialists understand the problems that pigeons can cause and are in London every day of the week. Contact us to arrange a pigeon control site survey for your London site.

Bird Proofing

Feral pigeons (Columba livia) are attracted by the warmth and shelter that our urban environment provides.  Originally descended from rock doves, pigeons are now widespread  in cities, towns and in rural areas. Pigeons can harbour a variety of diseases and parasitic insects on their bodies. Pigeon droppings and pigeon nests are a public health concern. Effective pigeon control is best achieved using an integrated approach. As pigeon control specialists, we will recommend the most effective measures for your site.

Pigeon Biology and Behaviour

  • Pigeons have a life-span of about four years
  • They like to build their nests under bridges,  buildings or any structure that provides shelter.
  • Both the male and female pigeon will take part in buiding their nest, which they build out of twigs, leaves, and even litter such as bits of plastic or wire
  • The nest can become thick with droppings
  • Pigeons usually lay two eggs, which take approximately 18 days to hatch
  • Baby pigeons do not leave the nest until they are fully feathered and able to fly, that is why you do not normally see baby pigeons
  • Pigeons are able to breed throughout the year, depending on conditions
  • During their main breeding season, which is between March and July, one pair of pigeons can raise up to seven broods (birds produced at one hatching)
  • After hatching, the young will be independent in about 30 days.
  • The pigeons will lay the next ‘batch’ of eggs even before the previous baby pigeons have left the nest. That is how a pigeon population can grow so quickly.
Free Survey

We will survey the problems being caused by pigeons at your site free of charge, and talk to the people involved to ensure that we understand your pigeon problem. We then complete a comprehensive report that outlines the options available to you for the control and management of pigeons, and specifies our recommended solution as well as detailing all the costs involved.